Matt Wierzbicki

UI Designer

Alice has been a game-changer in integrating AI into my work. Keyboard shortcuts and snippets let me execute tasks in seconds, saving hours every week.

Artur Niemirski

Ceramika Zodiak

A great tool to work daily with AI. Alice has multiple useful features including different assistants, and predefined/custom snippets which allow me to adjust almost everything to my needs. It looks like a macOS tool but it also works on Win seamlessly. For me, it is a gamechanger!

Tomasz Moskalski

Since I started using Alice, it has become an essential tool in my work. It's reliable, and the possibility of integrating it with automations brings a whole new dimension to optimizing processes in the company and increasing personal productivity!

Łukasz Dmitruk

QA Engineer

Alice, my trusted AI assistant, is like a superhero at work! Every day she serves help, making each day an amazing, productive adventure. Highly recommended!

Dawid Perdek

Principal Developer @ Synergy Codes

Alice helps me a lot with creating content, summarising stuff I need but don’t want to read and automating mundane things like managing reminders and in the future hopefully a lot more!

Rafał Majewski


Alice is the world's first AI assistant for macOS (also works in Windows, fingers crossed for the Linux version), not only answering questions but also performing actions in your apps. It manages your calendar, creates Spotify playlists, checks tasks, handles meeting invites, integrates with Stripe for SaaS sales reports, aggregates tasks from various sources like to-do apps, Gmail, showing them all in one place, beyond the browser, in the OS context. Alice connects with thousands of apps you use via text or voice commands. You can create custom commands as shortcuts, more convenient than regular conversations. It's like an army of assistants tailored to your needs, offering grammar tips, translations, event creation, social media marketing content, business ideas, data analysis. Customizable with a unique name and avatar, it's a productivity booster for work ethic enthusiasts. Idea and execution are truly amazing! :)

Michał Osipowicz

CEO Plastipol Poland

Working with Alice changed the way I organize myself. It is much comfortable than using GPT in browser. The best benefit for me is personalization. With different snippets, I can tailor Alice to my needs. I really recommend Alice

Rafał Gołąb

Alice is a game-changer in daily work. Access to personalized snippets and remote actions from anywhere in the operating system significantly boosts productivity and joy at work on a whole different level.

Kuba Masztalski

Owner at proAutomator

I've been using Alice since 1.0 version and it's a real game-changer in terms of productivity and squeezing the most out of AI for yourself. And Alice 2.0 takes it to whole another level. If you ever wondered, how would it be like to have a really personal AI assistant at your disposal, which: ✅ uses different LLMs ✅ can run your automations ✅ has a number of predefined prompts ✅ has different personas you can freely add and adjust ✅ can answer based on knowledge about you and your projects Well - you can stop wondering and just try Alice 🙂 + Additionaly: ▶︎ top-notch UI ▶︎ keyboard shortcuts support all-around ▶︎ great guys behind this project who really care about users' feedback

Gaba Bartnicka

Using Alice has been a fantastic experience! 🙂 The ability to create multiple avatars speeds up the workflow significantly. Additionally, the option to integrate numerous automations makes daily tasks much more manageable.

Tomasz Guściora

Your AI Assistant, on your desktop, with a nice looking GUI. What else do you need? Spend less time in google - just ask Alice. You can easily adapt to your needs (many assistants with different master prompts/personalities, different snippets with tasks, sending/receiving data from webhooks, API integration).

Seweryn Trzebiatowski

Planista Produkcji

Using the Alice app every day offers many possibilities for saving work time and accessing current knowledge. I feel that I can resolve any doubts through the support of my assistants, who excel at work every day. ✅🤖

Tomasz Majewski

Project Manager

What captivated me most about Alice was the ability to fully customize it to my needs and create an infinite number of personalized assistants.

Piotr Czyżewski

If Airtable is Excel on steroids, then Alice is the same in relation to Chat GPT, and even more so :) This is a very well thought out project, the core of which is the best PERSONALIZATION of the tool according to your own needs. Solutions such as snippets, remote actions, or assistants allow you to customize Alice for yourself in the way you need. Combined with automations, it basically offers unlimited possibilities and full flexibility. On top of that, the people behind it guarantee great support and overdelivering.

Natalia Cholewa

Lead Product Owner, trainer, methor

Alice enabled Chat and automation for me. This has been the greatest change in my daily work since I bought a Mac. She is always at hand ready to help. The snippets, that are already predefined enable you to utilise ChatGPT from day one and figure out how to use it in your life.

Tomasz Kopaczewski

Alice. Excellent. Working with her is brilliant, creating projects, blogs, and having fun. She has enormous potential. We talk every day. Thanks to Grzegorz and Adam from, I can use her and learn automation. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Abi The Great

I have been using Alice since its first version. I had previously used two competing solutions and natively through the website. Alice surpasses these solutions, offering many added values. Time spent with her pays off immediately after fully transitioning to her. I can't wait for her next version in a year.

Marek Melzacki

Python (AI) Developer

Alice is an app I wish I had made. But now, I and also everybody else don’t have to spend our precious time and can focus on other tasks that matter. Alice is still evolving at a rapid pace, and I can’t wait to see where it's going. This army of AI Assistants, curated to our needs, help us be more of who we are. I honestly believe this app will be a trendsetter for self-productivity, solo-preneurs, and small teams. It helps me be more productive.

Mateusz Kupsik

Head of IT / Konsimo

Alice is the best AI assistant I know of. It allows me to take productive work to a whole new level and completely do away with my ChatGPT subscription. With the ability to create Assistants, it's quick and easy to delegate work to specialized helpers. Everything is wrapped up with short AI snippets and the ability to integrate Alice with external applications. Alice is incredible.

Marek Wituszynski

Product Engineer // Tooploox

I hardly used the first version, the entry threshold vs other duties = didn't fit. But when Adam gave me access to the second version + after watching Gregs videos, I got hooked. I use it much more often than ChatGPT. However, assistants + snippets + nice UI = power

Robert Studziński

Alice is more than just an assistant answering questions; it is also an assistant that can automate my tasks through the proper construction of prompts and snippets. Alice is a tool that helps me in my daily work, significantly speeding it up.

Mateusz Nowak

Alice app offers a ChatGPT-like experience with GPT-4, allowing custom prompts and keyboard shortcuts for quick AI access. I use it daily with fully customizable snippets, yet I feel I'm only scratching the surface, utilizing perhaps 10% of its capabilities. There's still a wealth of features to discover and explore! I fully recommend it.

Magda K

Digital Marketing Manager

Alice is an irreplaceable assistant who not only helps during creative blocks but also serves as an additional team member for idea consultations. Always supportive, she helps manage life and trivial matters. I highly recommend her!

Marcin Kamiński

Publications Manager

Alice is not only very interesting software that utilizes the possibilities opened up by artificial intelligence technologies. To my surprise, I discovered that working with Alice positively influences my behaviors and habits related to processing and utilizing information. As a result, I perform many tasks faster and easier. Combining the capabilities of extended collaboration with Alice with automation systems gives us a powerful tool that significantly enhances our productivity. An additional joy of working with Alice is the constant discovery of new areas where she can help us. I highly recommend it, give it a try!

Łukasz Wiśniewski

Alice is an application not entirely perfect like all AI currently. Nevertheless, it is an application that, with the right settings, can significantly speed up work with AI. I recommend it to anyone who wants to use AI in their daily work.

Mateusz Górecki

Software & Automation Developer

My favourite app on my computer. ❤️ I love it cuz possibilities are endless. I can control my Spotify, asking what I have to do today, change info about my meetings, control my budget, write code, brainstorm my decisions, search web and list still going on. Best app. ❤️


Alice, the desktop AI assistant, has significantly boosted my productivity (in software dev, writing) with its intuitive design and powerful features, becoming an indispensable part of my daily workflow.

Michał Backhed

Global Flowers Ltd

An incredible tool for daily use. The role of the AI assistant is master level. The ability to integrate with additional scenarios in Make truly limits us only by our imagination. An excellent and refined application. Congratulations and highly recommend it further.

Dawid Saratowicz

COO/Head of Production - September Art Agency

I’ve been using the “Alice” app as my virtual assistant for quite some time now, and I must say, it has been a game-changer! Alice has made my life so much easier and more productive. I love how she gets straight to the point without any unnecessary fluff, and it still feels like I’m chatting with a real person, not just a machine.

Łukasz Mrzygłód

Alice has allowed me to focus much more, I no longer have to wander through browser windows, everything I need in terms of AI and basic automations is in one application. I recommend it 100%.

Adam Chrabin

Head of Artist Services and Operations / BIG IDEA Group

My day-to-day spark and the most essential tool (a digital friend of mine!) right now. Absolutely irreplaceable. Kudos!

Dominik Piestrzyński

Brilliant tool, which after customization to your own needs, works for you, and sometimes even instead of you ;) You will gain more focus by gathering everything you automate in one place. This brings real benefits. Time :)

Jacek Tębikowski

By using Alice, I significantly reduced the time needed for daily tasks, allowing me to better manage my time both at work and in my personal life. Currently, the biggest benefit for me is the ability to quickly create and manage tasks in my Second Brain, directly resulting from the use of webhook functionality. These mechanisms have opened up new possibilities for automation, enabling efficient integration and communication between different systems, significantly boosting my productivity. I wish the creators of Alice much success and continuous creativity in further developing and improving this assistant, so it always remains a step ahead in supporting users in accomplishing their tasks and challenges.

Mikołaj Solik

With Alice, my productivity and learning soared! Personalisation options and having assistants mean that I consult them before turning to Google for information.

Patryk Zasada

ChatGPT is slow. Alice solves this problem. Additionally, creating custom snippets and integrating with external tools opens up a whole new level of productivity.