Paweł Walaszek

CEO at EENGINE Software House

I used to use Calendly, but ever since I discovered Zencal, I've fallen in love with it ;) Good because it's Polish. I'm cheering you on!

Elżbieta Królicka

A brilliant calendar for scheduling meetings! It looks much better than Calendly and has many more features in the free version. I don't know if it's just temporary, but Zencal has outstanding support. They help with all problems and doubts. I highly recommend it; scheduling meetings is now pure pleasure! I have implemented it for myself and for a client. :)

Mateusz Niestrój

Frontend Developer

Simple and intuitive tool. Need to share your available time slots in the calendar? Zencal will be an excellent choice.


A well-designed app that is continuously being developed. The founders are approachable people who clearly love their product. Keep up the great work!!

Michał Taszycki

Zencal competes with the best in the market and does it well. It allows me to open my calendar for meetings with people from all over the world on Zoom in a simple way.

Marta Grześkowiak


A very helpful and reliable app for scheduling online meetings. Highly recommend!

Magda Czuban


I am very satisfied with ZenCal. It's clear, transparent, and most importantly, intuitive.

Kamil Maciak

An amazing tool that allows for truly effective time management! I highly recommend it!